Our Purpose

Tech Helpers is committed to providing FREE technology training to all!

We understand that with modern technology comes difficulties. But do not fear, we are here to help! We mentor our students in using new phones, tablets, and computers. On each device, functions may be similar or different, we teach how to browse the internet, connect with friends and family, shop online, basic softwares, and recommendations for product purchases!

Our Services

Connect on Social Media

Need help connecting with your friends and family easily? Learn how to work with Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Messages to post pictures and stay updated with friends and family.

Learn to browse the Internet

Learn how navigate around google to easily access the news or for any question you have.

Learn Microsoft Apps

Need help in learning how to use microsoft apps? We teach how to use Powerpoint for presentations, Word for documents, and Excel for finance, and much more!

How to Online Shop

Learn how to order anything from clothes to groceries to technology without leaving the comfort of your house.

How to Use Email

Need help sending emails for work? Can’t figure out how to link images? Don’t worry we are here to help!


Learn to use your Smart Phone/Apps

Learn how to work any smart phone in order to communicate with others, play games, download apps or even just the basics!

Testimonials from Senior Citizens

Meena Shah
The help that TechHelpers4U gave me helped get my emails working on my phone. Piya was very patient and guided me step by step.
Jamie Pullock
This program really helped me communicate with my family, who is in different parts of the world. Thank you Piya for making this very easy.
Rama Shah
I was having trouble trying to use Microsoft Office products, especially Word since I have not used it before. With a few simple lessons, I can now use it very nicely.
Minaxi Bhatt
Piya worked with me using Whatsapp calls and guided me step by step on how to download apps from the app store. This helped me out tremendously as I am now a bit more independent than before.